Welcome to my website, my interests are of course photography and  ornithology, but have a keen passion for all wildlife. 



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  • I have been playing with a camera on and off for 40 years or more, since I have taken a back seat in my business and have a bit more time to spare, I have decided to try to do better. My arsenal of gear has progressed over the years from film to digital:- Canon A-E1, T90, 40D, 600D, 7D, then the 1DX and recent additions being the 7D mark 2 and 1DX mark 2

My very good friends Pauline & Ian Greenhalgh have opened my eyes, into the art of photography and what can be achieved. My thanks to Pauline & Ian click here to see their amazing wildlife web-site.

Wildlife photographers code of conduct The welfare of the subject is more important than the photograph.

Wildlife photography and the LAW Schedule One Birds

  • Prices for images, send me a request stating the folder name and image name /number
  • A Double Click will enlarge an image

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